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The Kitten competition class is for unaltered or altered, pedigreed kittens between the ages of four and eight months.
2013-2014 Show Season
Best Devon Rex Kitten Nineteenth Best Kitten Nationally Fourth Best Kitten NWR GC, NW Castilleja Lite Brite of Jobara Brown Patched Tabby and White Female Br: Donna C Peck-Barbara Irie Ow: Barbara Irie-Jade Kleider-Donna Peck (2) Points: 2400.65
Second Best Devon Rex Kitten Fifth Best Kitten SR GC, BW, NW Curlfect's Aphrodites of Marcus Chocolate Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br: Terry – Steph Michaud Ow: David Raynor-Linda Peterson-Terry-Steph Michaud (7) Points: 2115.45
Third Best Devon Rex Kitten Nineteenth Best Kitten NAR GC, RW Ready Or Not Poptart II Chocolate Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br: Carolyn Jimenez-Kristin Nowell-Linda Peterson Ow: Carolyn Jimenez-Kristin Nowell (7) Points: 1217.15
Fifth Best Devon Rex Kitten GC Ready Or Not Kiss-Of-Fire Tortie Smoke Female Br/Ow: Carolyn Jimenez-Kristin Nowell (1) Points: 880.15
Fourth Best Devon Rex Kitten Twelfth Best Kitten NWR GC, RW Jobara's Kabuki Black and White Male Br/Ow: Barbara Irie-Jade Kleider (2) Ponts: 1168.6
Sixth Best Devon Rex Kitten GC Karmacatz Dream A Little Dream Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby Female   Br: Terry-Steph Michaud-Linda Peterson Ow: Linda-Susan Peterson (7) Points: 877.85
Seventh Best Devon Rex Kitten Pattnchat George Pippard Blue-Eyed White Male Br/Ow: Debbie-Eric Van Patten (5) Points: 684.05                                               
Eighth Best Devon Rex Kitten Karmacatz Firewalker Red Mackerel Tabby Male Br: Linda-Susan Peterson-Kathy Rutledge Ow: Linda-Susan Peterson (7) Points: 610.6
Ninth Best Devon Rex Kitten GC, RW Clarick's Nip In The Bud Lavender Mackerel Tabby and White Male Br/Ow: Celestia Wright (4) Points: 539.45                                           
Tenth Best Devon Rex Kitten Marsparadise Monster Lily-Rose Silver Patched Macerel Tabby and White Female Br: Hisae Tasaki Ow: Shazhou Luo-Jun Hyungu (A) Points: 511.1
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