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The Kitten competition class is for unaltered or altered, pedigreed kittens between the ages of four and eight months.
2014-2015 Show Season
Best Devon Rex Kitten Fourth Best Kitten SR GC, RW Karmacatz One Hot Mess! Chocolate Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br/Ow:  Linda/Susan Peterson Points: 2051.8
Second Best Devon Rex Kitten Fifth Best Kitten SR GC Devinedevons Snow Doll of Genie Blue-Eyed White Female Br: Robin-Tom Robertson Ow: Cece Lu (D) Points: 1728.75
Third Best Devon Rex Kitten Nineteenth Best Kitten NAR Fifth Best Kitten NWR GC, RW Jobara’s Starry Night Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Female Br: Barbara Irie - Jade Kleider - Donna Peck Ow: Kai Gavin Cao - Barbara Irie (2) Points: 1426.55
Fifth Best Devon Rex Kitten Fifteenth Best Kitten NWR GP, RW Jobara’s Little Mermaid Blue-Eyed White Spay Br/Ow: Barbara Irie - Jade Kleider Points: 820.7
Fourth Best Devon Rex Kitten Twentieth Best Kitten NAR GC, RW Ready Or Not Mayday Br: Carolyn Jimenez - Kristin Nowell - Linda Peterson Ow: Carolyn Jimenez - Kristin Nowell (1) Points: 1232.2
Sixth Best Devon Rex Kitten Twelfth Best Kitten Europe GC, RW Rextecture’s Iskra Gold-Eyed White Female Br/Ow: Anna Kryuchkova (9) Points: 804.4
Seventh Best Devon Rex Kitten GC,RW Fujicats Pixie Chick of Pattnchat Chocolate Mackerel Tabby and White Female Br/Ow: Leigh/Grigory Sorokin - Debbie/Eric Van Patten (5) Points: 771.7                                           
Eighth Best Devon Rex Kitten GC Karmacatz Cricket of Bellshire Silver Mackerel Tabby Female Br: Linda/Susan Peterson Ow: Melanie Bell - Linda Peterson (7) Points: 493.65
Ninth Best Devon Rex Kitten GC Curlydolls Yoko Ohno of Blu-Paw Natural Mink and White Female Bw: Dolly Chamness Ow: Darlen Easum (7) Points: 371.5                                         
Tenth Best Devon Rex Kitten GC,NW Jobara’s Opal Natural Silver Mink Mackerel Tabby Female Br/Ow: Barbara Irie - Jade Kleider (2) Points: 368.14
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